4 Factor Consulting

4 Factor Consulting, LLC is a strategic executive consulting firm founded in 2009 and based in Wilmington, North Carolina. 4 Factor Consulting provides strategic business, technical, and regulatory consulting for executives in the nuclear industry.


  • Provides strategic analysis of markets, including politics, economics, social and technical issues
  • Creates potential opportunities for customers and strategic alliances
  • Improves operational processes, management and organizational structures
  • Develops strategies for doing business in a regulated environment
  • Provides strategic Product development life-cycle plans


  • Provides third party reviews of technical issues and solutions
  • Analyses and improves engineering processes
  • Provides technical insight into design and analysis decision making processes


  • Develops strategic, business oriented:
  • Quality programs
  • Export Control Compliance programs
  • Regulatory Safety programs


  • Social Media
  • Main stream press interactions
  • Employees
  • Community stakeholders