Of Pandora and Prometheus

The myths of Pandora and Prometheus are some of the most interesting of the Greek myths. What I didn’t realize until recently is that these two myths are related. Prometheus—whose name means “forethought” or “forward thinker”—was a Titan who helped to create humans and stole fire from Zeus and the rest of his Olympus gang … Read more

Spent Nuclear Fuel

This is a reprint of an article written for SAM group. The first article was an overview of nuclear power. The last time I wrote here, I filled up my space with an explanation of the basics of nuclear power technology. I left with a cliffhanger on what to do with spent fuel. I was … Read more

Nuclear Power Tutorial

I am writing a series of articles for a training organization called SAM group. I’ve been working with them to develop and offer a course in Nuclear Quality Assurance Auditor Training. We are also working together to provide consulting to businesses interested in getting into the nuclear power industry. The next few blog posts are … Read more

Definitions and other matters

Once again, while wandering on another social media site, I ran across a question that needed answering. This time, someone wanted to know why hydrogen was never mentioned as a renewable energy source. As I wrote a response to this individual, I realized that there is significant potential for confusion and incorrect thinking around all … Read more

Solar Panels – the math

On another social media network, the question was posed…”If every single rooftop in the country was covered in PVs, I’ve heard that we would generate enough electrical energy not to need any other source of electrical power! But, has anyone done the maths?” The questioner was from the UK. Many people immediately jumped on the … Read more

A Parable of Power

Originally posted May 2009, given today’s news about Venezuela’s electricity woes, it seems appropriate to repost. I predict sales of diesel generators to do up exponentially across Venezuela on the heels of this news. A farmer in western Venezuela is tired of his intermittent electric power. For several hours every day he is without electricity. … Read more