Liar’s Poker and Other Games of Chance

According to the Urban Dictionary, Liar’s Poker is an American bar game played with one-dollar bills. Each player picks from a pile of face-down bills, and uses the eight-digit serial number on the face of the bill (kept private) to shape a playing strategy. This is a consecutive bidding game where players “bet” on the … Read more

A love letter to Engineers

Popular media describe engineers in two ways: 1. Bumbling white male nerds in ill-fitting garb and thick glasses with only a vague awareness of the world outside our books, computers and equations. Not evil, but frequently patsies of more worldly people like James Bond. 2. Active evil-doers in cahoots with the evil scientists, helping to … Read more

Global Warming or Not, Methane Is A Bad Plan

Last year at the end of January, spring was already beginning to be felt in my little corner of the world and I was writing about my spring flowers. This year the scene is quite different. As I sit and write this column, we are hunkering down for a storm of nearly epic proportions for … Read more