Questions for Dr. MacFarlane

So having posted a list of desirable characteristics for NRC commissioners and chairs, the next step would be to ask Dr. MacFarlane how she measures up to these characteristics. One of the key things to interview questions is to ask about PAST behaviors, not hypothetical performance. This is called behavior based interviewing and provides a … Read more

Criteria for serving on NRC

There have been a significant number of questions raised about Allison Macfarlane’s nomination to the NRC commission with the stated intent to make her chair of the same as soon as she is sworn in as a commissioner. Lots of comments both for and against her nomination have clouded the issues. I propose that perhaps … Read more

NRC meeting on Laser Enrichment

Last night, I went to the NRC public meeting regarding licensing of a laser enrichment facility at the GE-Hitachi site north of Wilmington, NC. I’d never been to such a meeting before so I was curious to hear what was said and see who attended the meeting. The meeting was set up in a space … Read more

Back in the Saddle, almost…

Finally back to blogging after a couple of weeks off. While my vacation was great fun, flying back to the east coast from Hawaii is a harsh trip and then catching up on everything took more time than I thought it might. However, this week I’m offering up something a little different for you, my … Read more

PEST(EL) in the Nuclear Industry – Social Factors (part 7)

Last time we examined the industry demographics affecting development and growth of the industry. This week, we’re going to look at the social factors affecting acceptance of nuclear industry around the world. Anti-Nuclear Movement The nuclear movement has long had detractors that consistently find ways to try to eliminate the industry. Looking at the history … Read more

Natural Disasters week

I feel the earth move under my feet I feel the sky tumblin’ down Carole King – 1971 Another week off of my planned strategic overview. The twin events of an earthquake near North Anna nuclear power plant in Virginia and Hurricane Irene sweeping up the coast has brought a lot of FUD (Fear Uncertainty … Read more