Nuclear Power Tutorial

I am writing a series of articles for a training organization called SAM group. I’ve been working with them to develop and offer a course in Nuclear Quality Assurance Auditor Training. We are also working together to provide consulting to businesses interested in getting into the nuclear power industry. The next few blog posts are … Read more

Loan Guarantees and other Random Thoughts

I noticed an article talking about a recently awarded loan guarantee, not the much talked about Plant Vogtle guarantee for $8.3 billion, but rather the much smaller amount of $1.37 Billion to BrightSource Energy for a solar plant in the California desert. At first blush it would appear that the critics who say nuclear is … Read more

Global Laser Enrichment Facility takes next step

This morning the NRC published in the Federal Register a notice of Receipt of Application for License for the GLE operation at GE-Hitachi’s Wilmington, NC facility. This is exciting news for the industry as it is yet another step toward getting additional enrichment capability online and ready to deliver more enriched uranium to the nuclear … Read more

A Story of Power in Venezuela

Originally posted May 2009, given today’s news about Venezuela’s electricity woes, it seems appropriate to repost. I predict sales of diesel generators to do up exponentially across Venezuela on the heels of this news. This is not just a parable, but a true story, not something made up by me to provoke discussion. I personally … Read more

Message from “the edge” – SmartGrid and the consumer (Part II)

So a few days ago, I wrote a pretty bleak blog about consumer engagement in SmartGrid. Fully 90% of small consumers (residential and small retail) are not interested in participating in SmartGrid technologies. The other 10% divide into groups interested in saving the planet, saving some money or beating their neighbors. When looking at how … Read more

Message from “the edge” – SmartGrid and Distribution

This is the fourth article in my series regarding SmartGrid and we are finally beginning to get near to direct consumer contact. All of this discussion has potentially significant impacts on electricity consumers, but are parts of the grid that are “behind the green curtain” to most consumers. Distribution is differentiated from transmission in that … Read more