Scare Crow? Nope, this Girl has a Brain

I work with people in the nuclear energy industry. My goal is to ensure everyone I work with ends up being a better member of the industry. Smarter about how things need to be done, or why things should be done. BUT, there’s much more to nuclear technology and today, I got a reminder. Go … Read more

Letter to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal

Two weeks ago (Aug. 18), the WSJ published a Saturday essay from Dr. Richard Muller titled “The Panic Over Fukushima”. I submitted a letter to the editor. Sadly, the WSJ decided not to publish it. However, I wanted to share it with my readers. I might add that anti-nuclear people hate his essay, and a … Read more

American Nuclear Society’s CNST

Yes, this is another post related to things I learned at the ANS-UWC. I don’t usually dwell so long on one conference, but there was so much interesting information that I wanted to pass along. Dr. Corradini and the ANS’ CNST Dr. Michael Corradini, president of ANS spoke about a new project ANS has undertaken … Read more

Report from ANS Utility Working Conference

I spent Sunday night through Wednesday noon at the 2012 American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference. That’s a mouthful, so most people refer to it as the ANS-UWC. Marginally better to say, but a lot easier to type. The conference them this year was “Nuclear! Still the one! The right business, The right results, The … Read more

NRC and Regulatory Capture

My blog last week got some interesting reactions regarding the larger picture of regulatory issues. I chose to look at quality as it is an area where significant changes in the broader context of quality control have occurred since those regulations were written and an update is overdue. This is also completely within the control … Read more

Russian Gold!

Last week I discussed why the Russians might be asking the NRC for a Design Certification of the VVER. I concluded it had little to do with the supposed “gold standard” of certification the NRC provides. In reality the Russians need any independent certification to participate in the international market with smaller countries that lack … Read more

Russian Gold? or U.S. Gold Standard

No, this is not a post about the upcoming Olympic Games, although we will talk about some of the countries playing in those games. This is a different set of games and one that affects the nuclear industry playing fields. The recent announcement of Rosatom’s intent to seek Design Certification for the VVER in the … Read more